Welcome to IF Friskis&Svettis Täby


Friskis&Svettis is a non-profit athletic organization with a goal unique to the world of athletics. There is no objective to reach here, no points to score, no obstacle to overcome. Here, the goal is a smile. Exercising should be simple as well as enjoyable.

On the front of your personal training-card you will find your member ID-number. On the back you write your name. You have the possibility to load your card with more purchases, so save the card! The Membership fee is 100kr/year and you pay for a maximum of 2 years, until the due date of your training card.
The training card is always to be registered in one of the card readers, every time you visit us. If requested you must show a ticket and your card.
The training card is personal. If you lend your card to someone else you will get suspended for a month.

Required age for gymnastic group activities is 12 years unless posted otherwise. The Gym 15 years. The Gym accompanied by a parent or guardian 13 years, as long as they have completed an instruction with one of our gym-instructors together. Spinning and Indoor Walking has a required length of 150cm. We do not buy any cards back. It is possible to transfer your card. The person who takes over must be a member. To freeze a card is only possible if you’ve been injured or have a disease, in which you need a note from a doctor. A lost card is replaced for 100 kr. Things that have been left behind after an activity will be saved for a few weeks.

Your valuable things – your responsibility We do not take responsibility for personal belongings, such as clothes and valuables. Therefore, lock up your things in the lockers. Bring your own padlock or buy one from us. Outdoor shoes outside – indoor shoes inside. Bring your outdoor shoes in a plastic bag to changing room, shoe shelf or in to the hall. No shoes left at the entrance. We have the most pleasant gym in all of Täby, help us keep it that way. Read the special rules of comfort appropriated in the Gym.


To book a class you choose SCHEMA NÄSBYPARK or SCHEMA KYRKBYN in the head menu.  You log in by entering your user name (användarnamn) and password (lösenord).

Your user name (användarnamn) is the number on your membership card or the e-mailaddress you have in our system.

Your password (lösenord) is always made up of your birth year followed by your birth month and day.

Booked tickets must be picked up at the latest 10 minutes before the class is scheduled to start.

Cancellations must be made no later than 1 hours before the scheduled start of the class.



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